Bake Shop Bakes is a family affair, our sweet daughter Rilee, wrote this about our business for a school project. The support from our friends and family is unwavering and we are eternally grateful.

In 2012, Brittany and Andy Hoover took a chance that not too many people would have taken. With a family of six, Andy worked in construction and Brittany was a stay-at-home mom. One day Brittany went to the grocery store to purchase some apples to make apple pie. Brittany had previously attended culinary school. That evening she made the pie and after the first taste, Andy knew that everyone needed to try it. So they shared the pie with close family and friends. Everyone enjoyed the pie so much and encouraged them to start the business. They started the business by selling various baked goods at a few local stores and doing small fundraisers. Since then, Bake Shop Bakes has grown and can now be found in over 20 various locations. They also continue to serve a variety of organizations as they work to meet their fundraising goals.